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About SunBorne Energy

At SunBorne Energy we believe solar energy is not just another alternate source of energy but the only long term solution to the world’s energy crisis and global warming situation. By generating solar energy we will not only be addressing the energy crisis, we will also not be releasing pollutants that contribute to global warming. Unlike thermal energy, solar energy generation is completely environment friendly.

SunBorne Energy is working towards making low cost, utility scale solar energy a reality in India – a country that has the ideal environment to capture sunlight and generate enough solar energy to meet all its needs.

To maximise India’s potential, and make utility scale solar energy possible in the near future, SunBorne Energy has brought into its fold internationally acclaimed experts in solar power generation and a host of other technologists and scientists who specialise in this area.

Backed by the best: SunBorne Energy is backed by General Catalyst Partners - a prominent US based private equity fund with assets in excess of $1.7 billion, and business leaders with experience building businesses in India.

Energy Independence for India: SunBorne Energy intends to become a leading solar power developer. This will translate into developing projects of over 1 GW of power in the next 5-7 years, commissioning over 200 MW of solar power plants by 2014 and achieving grid parity in 5-7 years.

All of which will add up to make India self sufficient in its energy requirements in the near future.


Become thought leaders in Solar Energy by providing cost effective, utility scale solutions, targeting grid parity by 2015.


Empower people and improve the quality of life on earth by providing a clean, environment friendly and permanent solution to the global energy crisis.

Why India?

  • Generous and Abundant availability of Solar Radiation
  • Acute Power Needs
  • Rapidly Growing Economy
  • Increased Awareness and Consciousness towards Environmental Upliftment


Empowered with such technology, India can rapidly decrease its dependence on traditional power sources thereby reducing Carbon emissions drastically. This in turn would not only benefit the Environment by providing the citizens of India a cleaner, greener lifestyle, but would also empower India to attract economical incentives and other benefits from the global society, such as a reduction in Carbon Taxes.

Utility scale generation: Utility scale solar power is the most cost effective form of solar power available today. Solar power can be a valuable asset in a utility’s portfolio and can be easily adopted at a commercial scale. Parabolic CSP technology is the only proven technology at the utility scale and we plan to build our first plant using this technology. This will accelerate our learning curve on technology, financing and project development and help us enlarge our existing IP.

Indigenization of supply chain: India has a strong pool of engineering talent and an evolving manufacturing infrastructure. We plan to develop an ecosystem of local suppliers for various components of solar power plants. This will help us reduce capital costs and also develop more cost effective designs, while creating high tech jobs in our country. CSP relies on steam turbine based power generation and much of the equipment can be sourced locally in India. Over time our vision is to help indigenize nearly 100% of the components we use.

Economies of scale: By replicating projects across different locations in multiple countries, we will realize economies of scale to further drive down the capital costs.

Technology development: We have a global network of advisors who bring extensive experience in solar technologies. We are also assembling a team of internationally trained engineers and scientists to advance breakthrough technology using Indian cost advantages.

Where are we today?

Where are we today? SunBorne Energy is today poised to start making utility scale, environment friendly energy in India a reality.

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Management Team

Hemant Taneja

Anil Kumar Lakhina
Vice Chairman

James Abraham
MD and Chief Executive Officer

Aseem Sharma
Chief Operating Officer and ED

Ram Chereddy
Chief Information Officer

Anil Nayar
Chief Financial Officer

Ankit Singhvi
GM Business Development

Nitin Goel
Technology Manager

Technical Advisory Board

Dr. Yogi Goswami
Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Lee Stefanakos

Dr. Manuel Romero Alvarez

Dr. Aldo Steinfeld